Patient Testimonials

Chris Viney had a tumor removed at the Rocky Mountain Gamma Knife Center and took a trip to his native England just five days later. Watch Chris’ story.





Watch McKenna’s inspiring story about how Gamma Knife was used to treat her metastatic brain tumors




Gamma Knife Treatment for Acoustic Neuroma Gets Patient Back to Skiing and Hiking

About five months ago, Susan Berman was faced with a decision on how to treat her acoustic neuroma, a decision she thought she wouldn’t need to make for many years.

This kind of benign tumor usually grows slowly. But after four years of observation, Susan’s tumor had suddenly doubled in size. It was decision time. Her doctor, Stephen Cass, MD, a neurotologist at the Rocky Mountain Gamma Knife Center and a professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, was recommending Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

The 65-year-old Boulder woman had a lot of questions about the best way to treat the tumor, which develops on the main nerve leading from the inner ear to the brain. This nerve controls hearing and balance, so pressure from the tumor can cause hearing loss, ringing in the ear and unsteadiness. The tumor’s rapid growth threatened to further impair function for Susan and cause additional problems for her as it extended from inside the internal auditory canal toward the brainstem. READ MORE



"I went with the Gamma Knife because I trusted Dr. Cass.

He knew I needed to be reassured with facts."

- Susan Berman, Gamma Knife patient


98 Tumors

Leland Fay is beating terrible odds

Leland Fay feels normal. Better than normal, if there is anything better.

He exercises every day and often hikes, climbing 14,115-foot-high Pikes Peak not too long ago. He has been keeping up with his hockey-playing sons, including a stint as their coach. An engineer, Fay is leading a team of more than 60 other engineers at a global aerospace and advanced technologies company.

No small feats for a 45-year-old man who had 98 brain tumors.

After treatment by neurosurgeon Robert Breeze, MD, at Rocky Mountain Gamma Knife Center, Fay’s brain cancer, which grew from metastatic melanoma, is no longer spreading or causing any symptoms or debilitation. And immunotherapy and surgeries for tumors in other organs has shut down the melanoma.

Outside of the hours required to undergo seven Gamma Knife treatments during the winter and summer of 2013 for his brain tumors, he hasn’t missed any work due to the non-invasive radiosurgery treatment. READ MORE




"I really wanted to be around and be aware for my sons. I chose Gamma Knife

because it selectively targets only the cancer cells."

-Leland Fay, Gamma Knife patient