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Meningiomas are tumors that form on membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord just inside the skull.

  • 90% are non-cancerous
  • 1/3 of all primary brain tumors
  • 2x as common in women as men
  • 40-70: Ages when most meningiomas are diagnosed.

Meningiomas target specific areas of the brain: parasagittal, cerebellar, foramen magnum, clivus, suprasellar, olfactory groove (see infographic above).

Treatment Options

Active Surveillance

if your tumor is slow growing and does not affect your health, your doctor may choose to observe your tumor at scheduled intervals rather than treat it immediately. Your doctor will monitor the tumor's growth with MRI scans.


Traditional surgery is used to remove tumors that are causing symptoms. In certain cases, not all of the tumor will be removed if it risks damage to critical structures. Minimally invasive surgery may be an option.

Gamma Knife

Precisely targeted beams of radiation aimed at the tumor create a reaction that decreases the blood supply to the tumor. Without a blood supply, the tumor starves and will disappear over time. Gamma Knife may be used in place of surgery when the tumor involves critical structures, such as the optical area or sinuses, or may be used as follow-up to surgery.

Benefits of Gamma Knife:

  • Successfully treats 90-95% of meningiomas
  • Non-invasive; no incisions, no down time
  • One-time treatment
  • Eliminates follow-up visits and worry about future growth

Learn more about the benefits of Gamma Knife treatment by watching a video by one of our expert neurosurgeons (see right side of page).

Are You a Candidate for Gamma Knife Treatment?

  • Have you been diagnosed with a meningioma? Yes/no
  • Are you free of any symptoms (headaches, blurred vision, etc.)? Yes/no
  • Is your meningioma smaller than 6 centimeters? Yes/no

If you answered yes to these questions, you are most likely a candidate for Gamma Knife treatment. Every patient is different, so talk with your physician about your situation.

If your physician has recommended active surveillance because you are not experiencing symptoms, you may want to consider Gamma Knife because:

  • You are a younger patient whose meningioma may start to grow. Younger patients may want to consider prophylactic treatment for a meningioma.
  • Gamma Knife is a one-time treatment and typically covered by insurance.

If your physician has recommended surgery and your tumor meets certain criteria, you may want to consider Gamma Knife. Gamma Knife treatments offers these benefits over surgery:

  • No Incision. Resulting in fewer complications such as bleeding, infection, or cerebrospinal fluid leakage.
  • Requires no general anesthesia, eliminating the related potential side effects.
  • No Down Time. Patients can return to their normal activities almost immediately, with no rehabilitation necessary

If you would like to learn more about Gamma Knife treatment and whether you could be a candidate, schedule a free consultation with one of our Gamma Knife nurses by submitting the form on the right side of this page.


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