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    Welcome to Rocky Mountain Gamma Knife Center. Since 1993, we’ve offered state-of-the-art leadership in Gamma Knife technology delivered by a team of nationally renowned neurosurgeons.


Gamma Knife: optimal nonsurgical treatment for brain conditions

More than 5,000 patients diagnosed with more than 30 different brain conditions have benefitted from treatment at Rocky Mountain Gamma Knife Center, the region’s leading center for stereotactic radiosurgery.

Gamma Knife, a non-invasive radiation therapy treatment designed specifically for the brain, stops benign tumor growth in 93 percent of cases and cures up to 97 percent of trigeminal neuralgia cases. Gamma Knife is similarly effective in treating non-operable brain cancer tumors, acoustic neuromas, and dozens of other brain conditions. 



 Over 5,000 Patients Treated



Expert team provides coordinated Gamma Knife treatment

Our team has earned a reputation as experienced leaders in employing Gamma Knife technology for the treatment of benign menigiomas and cancerous tumors, especially metastatic melanoma. In addition, our neurosurgeons are nationally recognized for expertise in treating the debilitating facial pain known as Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) and the effective treatment of acoustic neuromas.

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Gamma Knife provides non-invasive treatment for brain abnormalities

Despite its name, Gamma Knife is not a knife, but a device that precisely delivers nearly 200 tiny beams of gamma rays to the targeted area. First introduced in 1967, Gamma Knife is exceptionally well-suited for treatment of the delicate structures and deep areas of the brain, because its highly focused radiation precisely targets abnormalities while leaving healthy surrounding tissue intact. This accuracy allows safe delivery of intense doses of radiation, meaning treatment often can be completed in a single procedure.

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We are located at:

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