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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Gamma Knife

More than 5,000 patients have been treated at Rocky Mountain Gamma Knife for more than 30 different brain conditions. Gamma Knife offers extreme precision, no incision, little pain, and quick recovery for patients. Rocky Mountain Gamma Knife Center features the most current technology and is one of the most experienced centers in the U.S. We are located on the UC Health campus, just minutes from Denver International Airport.



Conditions Treated

Effectively treats 90-100 percent of patients.

green brain iconAcoustic Neuroma

Gamma Knife prevents acoustic neuromas from growing and causing permanent hearing loss.

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Brain Tumors

Gamma Knife effectively treats metastatic brain tumors and benign tumors without surgery.

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Eliminate worry about future tumor growth with a one-time, non-surgical treatment.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Gets to the root of excruciating facial pain by blocking pain transmitters to the brain.



Featured Video

Meningioma brain tumors are almost always benign (non-cancerous) but can cause problems if they grow too large. Gamma Knife is a one-time, non-surgical treatment that successfully treats more than 90% of meningiomas with no downtime.

Learn more about Gamma Knife treatment for meningiomas in this video.





If you have questions about Gamma Knife treatment and whether you are a candidate, our expertly trained Gamma Knife nurses can help you learn more during a free phone consultation. Request an appointment and one of our nurses will schedule a time that is convenient for you.





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Approximately 150,000 Americans suffer with the excruciating pain of trigeminal neuralgia, also called tic douloureux. Gamma Knife successfully treats as many as 96% of cases. Download a free guide to learn more about Gamma Knife radiosurgery and whether it’s right for you.


Latest News:

Young woman with a hearing disorder or hearing loss cupping her hand behind her ear with her head turned aside to try and amplify and channel the available sound to her ear drum

Gamma Knife radiosurgery can be an effective treatment for acoustic neuroma, but it can’t reverse hearing loss. Learn some tips for adjusting to hearing loss in this blog featuring otolaryngologist Dr. Stephen Cass.





Rocky Mountain region’s first Gamma Knife Center


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Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion
University of Colorado Hospital
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Phone: (303) 366-0099